BREYNOLDS Photography

Capturing the essence of natural beauty and to give a unique view of self-expression. Because in the end, memories are all we have to hold of the things that matter to us!

Company Overview

The Who and Why: Bre Reynolds, photographer and proprietor of BREYNOLDS Photography, features unique shots and angles to enhance the subject's raw charisma and appeal. In addition to capturing beauty in nature, I am fluent in photographing friends, family and special events. In the hustle and bustle of everyone's busy life, it's nice to have a tangible memory of the things that mean the most to you. Whether it be family, friends, pets, events or anything else you can conjure up, let me help keep it near and dear to you. Because in the end, memories are all we have of the things that matter to us!
The Where and How: Since this is a fairly new endeavor, there is no fancy studio. There is no chest of fancy props or backdrops. My studio is nature in its purest form. My backdrop is nature and the environment of your choice. And my props are the people looking to cherish their family memories. 
Anyone can go to the portrait studio in the mall and get a generic photo taken of you and your family on a fancy chair with everyone looking directly at the camera and smiling a fake smile. And I'm not downgrading these portraits at all - they serve their purpose. But BREYNOLDS Photography gives you something unique. I see things differently and make the photo session FUN! And when you're having fun, the smile is genuine. Combine that with an element of nature at it's finest and you have a masterpiece in the making!

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